Keyboard Template Kits

Microref Glance 'n Go Keyboard Template Kits

Learn essential program commands, operating instructions, and function key codes with one quick look right on your keyboard. Where you need them, when you need them! Keyboard Template Kits include mounting clips and will fit full and standard size keyboards.

Function key codes plus over 120 essential commands organized in logical groups.

• Instant access at-a-glance
• Durable non-reflective plastic
• Consistent color-coding and function key order
• Stackable with easy-to-fasten clips
• Available for the most popular office software programs

Multi-Packs Now Available!

Office 97 Multi-Pack A Retail Price $14.95
Includes: Word 97, Excel 97, Outlook 97

WordPerfect Suite 8 Multi-Pack Retail Price $14.95
Includes: WordPerfect 8, QuattroPro 8

Current Titles Available Retail Price $10.95
Word 97, 7, 6; Excel 97, 7, 5; Outlook 97; WordPerfect 8, 7, 6.1, 5.1-6.1/DOS; Quattro Pro 8; Windows 95; Write-Your-Own w/Pens.

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"Far superior to any other template. A real time-saver... highly recommended."

John C. Dvorak,
PC Magazine